Spring Training

Surprise Stadium – Spring Training home of the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers.

Enjoy our sun-filled, warm March weather and exciting MLB in Surprise. Voted the best place to catch a spring training game, Surprise Stadium is the proud Cactus League home of the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals.

Spring Training Tickets: The Lowdown
Here’s our overview of the various ways you can buy spring training tickets, from safe and early to speculative and down the road. To begin with, you need to know that there’s no one date when all MLB teams place spring training tickets on sale. Each team sets a sale date, sometimes with very little warning.

Working with Teams
Buying a ticket directly from a team will usually be the cheapest and most convenient option. With popular teams, the selection will be limited. Every team sells spring season tickets-bought mostly by locals and snowbirds-and the best tickets in any spring ballpark are controlled by these season ticket holders. The MLB teams are also set up best to sell massive amounts of tickets in a short amount of time, as the beginning of spring training ticket sales can best be described as a feeding frenzy. This means tens of thousands of fans rush to obtain tickets for specific games.

There are four ways to order spring training tickets directly from MLB teams: via telephone, via the Internet, in person, and via the U.S. Mail. We’ll describe each.

Via telephone. Most tickets are sold via phone sales. This can be a frustrating way of doing things, as you’re likely to encounter some busy signals or long wait times when tickets first go on sale. You’ll also pay a ticketing fee for the convenience of buying tickets.

Via the Internet. Every team sells spring training tickets via the Internet. There are some pluses and minuses to this approach. On the one hand, you can bypass clogged phone lines and make your purchases directly (although Ticketmaster has implemented the equivalent of telephone wait times when you buy popular tickets online). And yes, you’ll also pay a ticketing fee for the convenience of buying tickets.

In person. Most teams sell spring training tickets at their main ticket office at the major league ballpark, the spring training ticket office, or local team stores.

Via U.S. Mail. Some teams sell tickets via the mail. You send in your money for a price range and you take whatever tickets the team decides to send you. Will you receive the best tickets in your price range? Depends on the whims of a ticket rep with the team.

For tickets, schedules, pricing, etc. go to:

• Call the Box Office at 623-222-2222.

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